The Chakras

Chakra System - 3D Basics

The chakras are simply energy processing centers for the body. Whereas our physical organs process our physical matter (nutrients, blood for example) our chakras process our emotional matter ( security, love etc). The body has hundreds of chakras -- funnel like vortexes. Commonly North Americans acknowledge 7-15 of them.

A chakra is literally – from the Sanskrit – a spinning wheel. At the basic level, a chakra is typically represented as a vertical row of rainbow dots along the front center of the body; however, each of the in-body (lower 7) chakras is much more than a colored dot. Viewed front on, each chakra is actually a spinning wheel of color – a vortex, and it has a specific purpose.
The chakra system exists on the dimensional planes - 3D, 4D, and 5D.  

A single chakra’s function/purpose differs from plane to plane.  Let us start with the most commonly published chakra system - the 3 Dimension (3D), 12 point system - depicted in the following picture:

(For a video on the Chakra basics, click on the following YouTube link:
1.    Base
2.    Sacral
3.    Solar Plexus
4.    Heart
5.    Throat
6.    Third Eye
7.    Crown
8.    Time
9.    Soul
10. Grounding
11. Palms/Soles
12. Secondary System

Viewed sideways, a chakra appears as a funnel. Actually, each chakra is comprised of a number of small funnels (tube like vortexes). Each of these mini funnels has it’s own pigment which combined with the other mini funnels blend to make the chakra’s color. So, if one of these minis is off, so is the entire chakra. Likewise, each mini has its own vibrational rate. All vibrating correctly, they make the chakra’s tone (like a choir). If any mini fails to carry its proper vibration, the vibration of the entire chakra is faulty. Each mini carries one aspect of the chakra of which is a part. For example one of the minis of the base chakra would be the belief you have the right to live, another would be knowing your need for food is met, etc. Therefore, it takes only a very small part of the whole to go awry to send everything out of balance.
Each chakra has a lot going on for it. It must be in synch with itself plus all the other chakras in order for the body to function optimally. To be healthy in the physical body, it is important to keep each chakra clean, open and in balance with those around it. There are numerous approaches to chakra wellness. Some include meditation, color, vibration, toning, chanting.
Get Your Rear in Gear

For the most part, the metaphysical world has ignored the rear of the chakra system –or marked it with the same color dots as the frontal system & assumed that by treating the front, the back is also treated. Consequently, most healers balance and treat the chakras from the front side only. What a pity! The rear side of the chakra system is a power house that we let lie dormant. 

The back chakras differ from the front in two major ways. Firstly, the front holds the present and the future as well as the current symptom of function/dysfunction. The rear holds the past as well as the cause (genetics, past experience etc). Secondly, the front holds logic & the limitation of the human plane. The rear holds limitlessness and freedom from earthly constraints.

In a nut shell, the front of a chakra deals with the conscious (& present) whereas the rear deals with the unconscious (&past). For example, we know the first chakra (front) to be the seat of our survival energy "I Am". Looking at a dysfunction here might show suicidal tendencies - the present. Looking at the rear of this chakra shows the past -- belief system, family patterns that are the basis for the current (faulty) expression of the base chakra.

How much easier and effective to discover and deal with the root of the problem in the rear chakra as opposed to the perceived undesired behavior in the front of the chakra.

The front of the chakra responds to energy in a tangible "must follow the laws of physics"' way. Whereas the rear of the chakra processes energy in a fashion unlimited by our conscious mind. For example, if you want to get an apple, front side energy would process this by having you go to the store to buy one or climbing a tree to get one. Rear side energy would have the same end result of you having an apple but you may get it because one falls off a tree in front of you, a neighbor drops by with a basket of apples or one just shows up in any number of ways. People who live with the back side of their chakras opened are the ones that "get all the breaks'', draw abundance on all levels etc.

So, as you can see, the back and rear sides of the chakras are not identical but complementary. The symptom that manifests in the front side of the chakra is merely an extension of the belief that is held in the rear of the chakra. Both sides must be dealt with for health and balance.

(For a video on the Chakra basics, click on the following YouTube link:
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