Chakra Dysfunctions

Chakra Dysfunctions
Chakras are the basic of all health and well-being.  If one of them misfires, misbehaves, or malfunctions, an individual's wellness can be affected dramatically.

Below is a chart listing each chakra, it's purpose, the age it comes into full development (resonance), and symptoms that will indicate that the chakra is not functioning properly.  This chart will guide you in determining the appropriate action to be taken to balance the chakra system.

Note:  If one chakra is dysfunctional, it can often affect the surrounding chakra(s).
1 - Base (Red)
I Am - Survival
Womb - 6 months
Basic needs not met; poverty, illness, suicide
2 - Sacral (Orange, Terra Cotta)
I Feel - Emotional Identity
6 months - 2.5 years
Low self esteem; lack of confidence
3 - Solar Plexus (Yellow)
I Do - Self Definition
2.5 - 4.5 years
No job satisfaction; low self worth; feels as a failure
4 - Heart (Green)
I Love - Relate to Others
4.5 - 6.5 years
Self hatred; everyone's out to cheat me
5 - Throat (Light Blue)
I Express - Self Expression of Any Kind - Oral, Written, Art
6.5 - 8.5 years
Does not speak up for self; too busy for creativity
6 - Third Eyed (Purple)
I See - Sight: Psychic and Physical
8.5 - 14 years
Lack of clarity; inability to set goals
7 - Crown (Violet and White)
I Know - Connection to the Divine
14 - 21 years
Inability to recognize the Divine in self, others, the world
8 - Time (Silver & Ultra Violet)
(none) - Time, Timing, Karma, Past Lives
21 - 28 years
Punctuality issues; inability to maintain a healthy relationship
9 - Soul (Radioactive)
(none) - Life Purpose & Task
28 - 35 years
Inability to move forward; cannot identify life's calling
10 - Grounding (Black)
I Exist - Preconception
35 - 42 years
Dissociation, repressed memories
11 - Palms & Soles
Inappropriate releasing of old or excess energy
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