Chakra 4D and 5D

Chakra 4D and 5D Systems
Four and Five "D" chakra systems represent the latest thinking concerning not only chakras but also the transgression from physical to spiritual realms.  

The light body is the energy body, creating the physical manifestations within this reality.   The light body is comprised of (light) energetic frequency at various levels.  The light body is the holder of our “light intelligence”, living light code, blueprint and connection to God and allows us to return to multi-dimensional being we were meant to be.

4D System:  
Going “up a notch” we encounter the 4D chakra system. These chakras connect us on a personal and cosmic level. These are spiritual chakras which assist in connection with higher self, the universe, the divine will of God, ascended masters and other galactic beings of light.  4D is a combination of earth & light planes.

5D System:
Also known as the Ascension Chakra System, the 5D Chakra System is comprised of pure light.  We are just now beginning to realize the 5D chakra system.   

The 4D System – The 15 Point System

The 4D Chakra System uses the basic 7 chakras from the 3D system, but then starts to re-define the higher chakras for use in the spiritual realm.

Chakra 8 - Hollow of the Neck:
Located at the back of the neck - the hollow where neck joins cranium, this chakra is also known as the “well of dreams”.  Just as the earth was our habitation In 3D, the soul becomes our place of habitation in the 4D realm here in the first chakra of the 4D system. (Color:  Sea Foam Green)

Chakra 9 - Pineal Gland:
Also known as the chakra of Joy, this gland, located in and fully enclosed by the brain, works for the goal that every cell emits light and love.  With the pineal gland functioning, we become friendlier, (re)connect with earthly and intergalactic beings, and (re)connect with our planet, realizing we are its protector. (Color:  Blue Green)

Chakra 10 - Thymus (High Heart):
Located just above the heart chakra, the thymus chakra is known as the chakra of love and compassion.  Its function is to harmonize our male and female energies.  When totally open, it allows us to keep in touch with our soul and allows us to reach out to our solar system with compassion. (Color:  Mother of Pearl)

Chakra 11 - Sacred Heart:
A galactic chakra, located just below the heart, this chakra is the gateway to a multi-dimensional soul.  It corresponds to the 3D solar plexus.  When the two are joined, it allows us to reduce past life trauma.  When functioning, this chakra generates a sensation of waves going throughout and beyond the body - and a sense of needing to commune with the universe (group prayer, sharing, meditation etc.)  (Color:  Pink Orange)

Chakra 12 - Earth Star:
This chakra, located between the ankles, 6 to 12 inches below the ground and descending, connects the physical and spiritual worlds, providing grounding to the earth.  This chakra parallels (Color:   the heart chakra in 3D, which connects physical and emotional worlds - but instead connects the physical world to the spiritual.  The Earth Star is the grounding cord of the multi-dimensional Light body; when joined, we live in unconditional love. (Color:  Shimmering Gold)

Chakra 13 -Soul Star: 
Also known as the higher crown chakra, this chakra connects to the spiritual realm.  The chakra is located about 6 inches above the crown and a little to the left.  The chakra is the first of three galactic chakras which allow us to communicate with the higher realms by making psychic and spiritual abilities available to us.  The chakra strengthens mediumship, facilitates communication with higher dimensional beings (angels, ascended Masters etc.), and makes us more aware of our immense power and ability.  (Color:  Violet Pink)

Chakra 14 - Etheric: 
Located one arm’s-length above the crown chakra, the etheric chakra is used to connect with higher self and spiritual realms.  Corresponding to 3D third eye, the etheric chakra begins to activate infinity and causes us to become focused on the divine plan.  Our thoughts and prayers are more pure, and we live in Oneness with the Creator.  The etheric chakra allows us to change karma, boosts clairvoyance and divining, and enables us to communicate more intensely with the higher spiritual beings. (Color:  Deep Blue VIolet)

Chakra 15 - Galactic Chakra Center:
Corresponding with the 7th chakra of the 3D plane, this chakra is the 4D portal to higher dimensions.  Located two arms-lengths above the crown chakra, the chakra provides a means of connection with higher spiritual beings, a gateway to ascension.  When fully operating, it means soul structure is stable enough to cope with the energy and the amount of information required to ascend and merge fully with Higher Self  (Soul), and receive guidance from our light-being.  (Color:  Light Golden White)

(For a video on the High Order Chakras, click on the following YouTube link:

The 5D System – The 15 point system

When we reach this level, our human 3D words cannot express the 5D realities. 3D exists for the solid dimension; 4D bridges between the solid and light dimension; the 5D world is all light.

The purpose of 5D chakras is to allow and assist to someone to attrain to the higher frequencies of light and bring the individual closer to God, who is Light.

5D theory and practices are still in their infancy, and potential theories are being discussed and debated. At this time, there seems to be a growing consensus on only the chakras that exist and their primary colors. They are as follows:

Chakra 16 - Chakra of Ascension (Violet White - Translucent, shimmering in violet tones)

Chakra 17 - Universal Light Chakra (Multi-Colored White - Shimmering in all colors)

Chakra 18 - Divine Intent (Pink and Gold)

Chakra 19 - Universal Energy (Magenta)

Chakra 20 - Beingness (Violet and Gold)

Chakra 21 - Divine Structure (Blue Gold)

Chakra 22 - Godhead Connection (Platinum)

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