The Aura

The aura is simply the energy field around the human body. The aura is often depicted as a "glowy" egg. The aura is your personal space or bubble. You will often recognize or feel it when someone comes too close to you - infringing on your personal space. If you have had your aura picture taken, you will know that each person's aura presents as any one of the rainbow colors. 

(Auras will often reflect your personality characteristics and "type". If you know or can see your individual aura color,  click here for your individual personality type explanations associated with you aura.)

The Aura Explained

No matter what color the aura is, each aura is made up of the same number of layers. Each layer will vary in depth and clarity, depending upon the individual. Commonly, seven layers are described - and often can been seen with the naked eye. Some can see up to nine layers, and more layers are possible but have yet to be identified.

Each layer is associated with a chakra. On this site, the layers will be numbered from 1 through 7, with 1 being closest to the body and 7 being the farthest from the body. The odd numbered layers tend to be structured, whereas the even numbered ones are more fluid - gaseous, flowing, and shimmering. Each successive layer is considered to have a higher vibration than the one beneath it - resulting in a flow of vertical energy that pulsates up from above the body outward to edge of the aura (which could be as far as several feet, depending upon the health of the individual).

The layers of the aura are known as follows:
1  Etheric
2  Emotional
3  Mental
4  Astral
5  Etheric Template
6  Celestial
7  Ketheric Template (or Cosmic Body)
8+  Cosmic Plane

1. Etheric

 The etheric layer extends one-quarter to two inches beyond the physical body. The etheric layer is the matrix upon which all physical matter / body tissue is anchored. The layer will appear as a bluish gray haze or more properly sparks of blue or gray light moving around energy lines. The energy layer pulsates around 20 cycles per minute. The layer's color ranges from blue to gray - gray representing a more robust, athletic type of person and blue being associated with a more sedentary person.

2. Emotional

 The emotional layer is associated with the person's feelings. The layer is fluid / gaseous in nature and extends one to three inches beyond the body. The color of the layer can be quite bright or contrast very muddy. All the colors of the rainbow can be found here and this layer is where the chakras can most easily be seen.

3. Mental

 The mental layer is a more structured layer, extending three to eight inches from the physical body. This layer is usually first seen as a bright, yellow light radiating around the head, neck and shoulders of the person, but extending around the whole body. The light will appear stronger and pulsating when the person is concentrating on mental tasks. Depending upon the thought, colored sparks may emanate from this layer. This is the layer associated with thoughts and mental processes.

4. Astral

 This colorful gaseous layer extends one to one and a half feet beyond the physical body. The astral layer is where astral cords are formed. It is the layer infused with rosy pink color when love relationships, plutonic or intimate, are formed. The chakras are often visible here, but are infused with a pink shade.

5. Etheric Template

 The etheric template layer is more structured and extends one and a half to two feet beyond the physical body. This layer holds the blueprint / template of all that exists on the physical plane. The layer is a negative photograph template of level 1, the etheric level. All physical forms are here on the template level.

6. Celestial

 The celestial layer extends two to two and three quarters feet beyond the physical body. This layer is the level of emotional love on the spiritual plane. This layer is harder to see, as its colors are shimmery and pastel in color - some people describe the color as "mother of pearl". This layer is the level which expresses one connection to God and where unconditional love flows. 

7. Ketheric Template

 The ketheric template layer extends two and a half to three feet beyond the physical body. This layer is where we know we are one with God. This layer is the strongest, most resilient layer of the aura. The layer is composed of rapidly pulsating golden chards. 

8 + Cosmic Plane

 The cosmic plane is comprised of an unknown number of layers - at least two. These layers are crystalline and shimmery. The function of these layers has yet to be explored or agreed upon.

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