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The following are the qualities and action words associated with Deep Red personalities:

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            Deep-Red personalities are physical, grounded and realistic. They live a powerful and intense life, interacting with physical reality as they know it. They experience life on a physical level and love to explore all possibilities which the physical world has to offer. They believe mostly in what they can perceive through their five senses. To them life is very simple and very real.

            Deep-Red personalities motivation in life is to experience physical reality with courage, strength and fullness. They have to go beyond feelings and thoughts of survival, resistance and fear to live to their full potential. Deep-Reds are powerful individuals who know the importance of physical reality and its wonders.

            Deep-Reds normally have strong physical constitutions and love to express themselves through their bodies. They are easily recognized by their well developed physiques. They also need to express their powerful physical energy to stay balanced and centered. Because of their strong physical appearance and energy, hard physical work and sports are wonderful activities for these strong personalities. Physical movement, either in work or sports, are necessary channels for their forceful, earth-life energy to be expressed and released. Sports, like body building, boxing and other activities which need impulsive, powerful, physical energy are good ways of expressing their life energy.

            In harmony, Deep-Reds are physically very strong and powerful. Courage, trustworthiness, perseverance and honesty are their strongest attributes. They are hard working personalities with an intensive desire to live and to stay alive. A Deep-Red's life purpose is to explore and experience the physical world with joy, courage and energy. It is necessary for them to confront challenges and to go beyond their fears. Deep-Reds in harmony express themselves physically and emotionally and have a very joyful and positive outlook towards life.

            Deep-Red personalities are practical and down-to-earth. They are conservative thinkers and perceive life through their physical, practical mind. Their thinking is not abstract or very complex. Reality is very tangible for them. A fact is fact. They believe only in what they can see, hear, feel and smell. Abstract or philosophical concepts or thoughts make them emotional or physically uneasy or impatient. They don't have the time or the patience to think about unrealistic ideas. On the other hand, Deep-Reds love to explore physical reality with all its complexities and possibilities.

            Philosophies, mental ideas and sensitivity are alien concepts for them. Because Deep-Reds are not very interested in unorthodox or unfamiliar concepts they often blindly accept societies way of living and go along with mass consciousness. They are loyal toward their families, governments and society. Living within the rules of society give Deep-Reds a certain security and a knowledge that they have done things the correct way.

            Deep-Reds are sincere and honest. In harmony, they know how to express their intense emotional and physical energies. They have learned to control or direct their powerful force into positive, creative directions.

           Deep-Reds are practical, hard-headed and hard working. They love to achieve immediate results. As a result of enjoying such an active, intense physical life, they are usually overworked, overactive and stressed. They have difficulties in relaxing and letting go inside.

            Being overworked and overactive is a common situation in an unbalanced Deep-Reds life. They cannot be told to be passive or to relax. Their powerful energy drives them forward and gives them 
enough stamina and strength to do the work of two normal people. They will always be physically active and busy. They are constantly on the run, one activity after the other, often having several jobs at the same time. They try to provide a good physical life for themselves and their family. Their deepest fear is of death and poverty. They are regularly confronted with survival, conflicts and other challenges in their lives.

            Contrary to most peoples beliefs and the impression they normally give, Deep-Reds are sensitive and easily hurt. However, they have a tendency of not showing their sensitivity. Rather, they cover it up with powerful, strong behavior. Deep-Reds project their anger and frustrations onto others because they are both impulsive and explosive. Deep Reds express their emotions and feelings very naturally. Much like animals they have a need to eliminate their impulsive, intense, powerful physical and emotional energy. They just tough it out, no matter, who gets hurt. Deep-Reds have to express their feelings through their physical bodies. Quite often, they do not understand this reactive process.

            On the other hand, Deep-Reds have problems communicating their innermost feelings. They have to learn to talk about or share their secrets. Being sensitive and clear about their feelings is an essential step towards a free expression of their inner self.

            If Deep-Red personalities are out of harmony they will exhibit an impulsive, explosive or violent temper. If things don't go their way they will be annoyed, frustrated, physically explosive and potentially dangerous. Out of power, their rage is often released through their physical bodies. They unconsciously let go of their intense, "stuck" energy through aggressive actions, such as a physical fight or even destroying and damaging physical property. Deep-Reds have to understand that they need to express this powerful energy which is inside of them through their physical body. It's not a matter of thinking about it or solving problems emotionally or mentally. They need to find a physical outlet. Once they find positive channels of expression, Deep-Reds will be productive, creative, helpful and happy individuals.

            Deep-Reds can be stubborn. Once they have decided on a direction, it is difficult for them to stop or even change. They want things their way. Openness for new situations and flexibility are important qualities to understand and learn.

              Deep-Reds often experience an emotional overload. They have an abundance of emotional and physical energy, but have difficulties in expressing this powerful force. Emotional outbursts are often the only solution to release the accumulated emotions. If Deep-Reds haven't learned to express their powerful energy or if they are afraid and hold back their power, they will experience unhappiness. Not expressing and living their emotions is the worst thing that can happen for them. They will feel depressed, powerless, overloaded and find no reasons to live. Unexpressed emotions will accumulate inside and create many problems. Therefore, Deep-Reds need to be sensitive towards their inner feelings and emotions and they need to find positive, creative outlets for their powerful energies.

             It is not easy for Deep-Reds to open up toward others. They hide their innermost feelings and thoughts and are often seen as insensitive, loud and brutally intense beings. They need to understand that being sensitive doesn't mean to be childish or soft. Developing physical and emotional sensitivity is an important step toward success.

             Spirituality or religion are not important issues in their lives. They go to church or connect with various groups to enjoy the social aspects. Deep-Reds like the meetings and get-togethers during or after church but in reality are not very concerned with religion. Physical reality and nature are reflections of God. They want to understand and experience all that physical reality has to offer. 


            Deep-Reds are conservative thinkers. They have very few problems with living and accepting the rules and norms of society. Actually, it gives them a sense of security and belonging. Deep-Reds are found in all areas of society. They are wonderful helpers and support their families and communities to the best of their abilities.

             Deep-Reds love to just hang out with their friends, drink a beer, and watch football, soccer or boxing. This is relaxing for them and they are often seen more in their favorite bar, with friends, then at home. They need other people in their life. Community lets them forget their fear of being alone and not alive.

             Verbal communication is not the favorite activity of a Deep-Red. Most the time they are not very articulate. They prefer simple get-togethers much more than sophisticated, intellectual conversations. Even if Deep-Reds do enjoy parties, they are careful with whom they get involved. They will open up only for their long-time friends or people they know they can trust.

             Deep-Reds like people who are on their own level of understanding. Experiencing, sharing and talking about their world of action, sports, achievements and even sex, means fun to them.


            It is a major challenge for a Deep-Red personality to live in a sensitive, long-lasting, emotional and open relationship. Although they love to go out with friends, they rarely open themselves to deeper connections. Deep-Reds enjoy expressing their "animal" desires and their emotional energies, which often is not a good basis for sensitive, intimate relationships. On the other hand, Deep-Reds are very loyal once they have committed to a partner.

            In power, Deep-Reds carry no resentments or prejudices toward sexuality or a lustful life. To them, sexuality is life and shows them their aliveness. It is a natural expression of love and power. An orgasm is one of the few ways Deep-Reds can reach an ecstatic state of mind. Sex doesn't necessarily involve love and compassion, but is a physical pleasure to be enjoyed and experienced. To express themselves through their physical body, live emotions fully and enjoy sex is a natural state of being.

            Deep-Reds are loners. They need a certain amount of time for themselves. Their partners should allow them enough physical freedom and independence to explore their own world at their own pace. 

          Deep-Reds are usually compatible with Yellow-Brown or other Deep-Red personalities. They feel understood and like each others stability, reliability and their like-minded, physical attitude and behavior. These Color Personalities will mirror their own strong and weak points which often isn't enough to go beyond their known reality and possibilities.

            Deep-Reds also like to be around Blue or Green personalities. However, they might not understand their sensitivity, deep feelings and their need to communicate either emotionally or verbally. Even so, they can still learn a lot from each other. Yellows usually have difficulties with a Deep-Reds stability, realism and heaviness.

            Deep-Reds seem to have more difficulties in relating with Lavender and White personalities. These personality types are at the opposite end of the color spectrum and therefore experience life completely different. Understanding and sensitivity will help these personality types to get along much better.

            Deep-Reds might have problems with a Deep-Greens ambitions and mental power. And it is very likely that Violets or Indigos will be too far out, futuristic or too sensitive for a Deep-Reds realistic perceptions. Therefore they might stay away from each other.

            Deep-Red personalities usually get along with most other personality types as along as they can have enough physical space for themselves. Their biggest challenge is to not only create convenient relationships on a physical level, but real, intimate relationships on a emotional, mental and spiritual level.



            Deep-Reds prefer physical work to almost anything else. These hard working personalities integrate perseverance and stamina. They shine whenever strong physical power and strength are needed. They are excellent in finishing projects because they have the stamina and are willing to push themselves over limits where many other color personalities aren't willing to go. Deep-Reds want to "see" what they do. They need to achieve immediate and concrete results and also need to be in control of the outcome of their hard work. They enjoy clearly defined concepts or activities.

             If Deep-Reds are in harmony they can be powerful workers and team players. Through their power, courage and strength, they are able to play an important part in their team or work environment. As long as they are able to balance their emotional temper and their physical power they will be accepted by their team.

             Deep-Reds can solve their problems most effectively if they stay active and maintain a positive outlook and equally positive expectations. They possess enough physical stamina and energy to achieve virtually anything. Their physical bodies are considerably stronger than those of most other people. What they need to consider above all else is keeping an open mind which is balanced with emotional clarity.

             Having a positive outlook and positive expectations is important because Deep-Reds become impatient, angry and frustrated if things don't go well. For Deep-Reds to achieve harmony and fulfillment in their lives they need to go beyond their basic survival mechanisms and physical activities and convert those drives into personal responsibility, creativity and a positive view of life.

             Money translates into security which in turn creates the means and ability to explore the physical reality. Otherwise, money has very little meaning to them. As long as they have the ability to make a decent living they will be happy and content. Out of power Deep-Reds are often confronted with survival. They live a basic life style and sometimes have problems making enough money to survive. Their fear of survival and also the fear of death are the most dangerous blocks and difficulties for them to overcome. A positive perspective toward life and an awareness of their strong physical life energy gives them all the abilities they need to be successful.

             Typical "Deep-Red" occupations would include: Mechanic, farmer, truck-driver, bartender, furniture mover, construction worker, bodyguard, policeman, firefighter, boxer or surgeon.


            To remain in harmony Deep-Red personalities must live and express their full potential. They need to find creative and practical ways of using their strength and physical power. Sports, building a house, fixing a car, working in the garden or other creative physical activities will help Deep Reds to tap into their creative power.

             Because of their powerful physical energy, Deep-Reds cannot be told to relax or be passive. They need to understand the process of finding a harmonious expression for their intense power. They must find positive, growth oriented ways to express their powerful, explosive and intensive physical and emotional energy. These outlets would preferably be found in sports, exercise, therapy or creativity. Their goal is to live their power in a creative way and release their frustrations without hurting themselves or others. They also need to find a balance in their physical activities. Not allowing any relaxation or sensitivity toward their own feelings for long periods of time will deplete their life energy battery.

             Deep-Reds also need to find and establish positive beliefs. Positivity and mental openness, combined with courage and physical strength, will assist them greatly in achieving their goals and desires. Positive thinking is very important. Even if life isn't perfect right now, having a positive outlook and attitude towards life will help Deep Red personalities in mastering their own life.

             If Deep-Reds are able to share their inner feelings and open up for deeper communication, they will find a harmonious world of sensitivity and treasures. Remaining sensitive to their own true feelings and finding creative outlets of expression are valuable and important steps to free a Deep-Reds powerful life energy.

             The first and most important step for a Deep-Red is to take responsibility for their own life. The moment they make the conscious decision to change their inner focus from a basic survival mechanism to a sense of responsibility they will experience an incredible growth they could never have expected. It is a matter of redirecting their powerful energy focus from fear, fight and survival, to positive, creative and entrepreneurial activities. When this occurs nothing can stop them, no matter which direction they may decide to go.

             The moment a Deep-Red honestly decides to channel their energy into growth and expansion, their life will experience a tremendous shift towards success and happiness. Knowing there is more to life than physical, emotional expression and that everyone has to shape their own destiny, gives every Deep-Red enough positivity and understanding to make major changes in their own life.

             Deep-Reds need to move their body. Not only watching sports but participating actively on a regular basis will help them tune into their creative, emotional power. All physical activities and sports combined with awareness and sensitivity are good and beneficial for Deep-Red personalities.

             Practical applications and changes for a Deep-Red personality need to start with the physical body. It is obvious not only for Deep-Reds but all people that a rich and well-balanced nutrition is the basis for a healthy body/mind. Eating food that is light, low-fat and rich in nutrients will not only release additional physical energy but also free toxins within the mind/body system.

NOTE: Aura color information used by permission from book Aura Mastery by Johannes R. Fisslinger (May 1, 1998)  
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