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Chakra Spin Theory

A chakra (both front side and rear sides) is comprised of an inner sphere and an outer sphere.

Speed of Spin

The chakras are, by definition, “spinning vortexes”. The inner sphere sets the pace for the outer sphere. The inner sphere should spin at approximately two times the rate of the outer sphere.

It is also normal for the lower chakras spin slower than the upper chakras.

Direction of Spin (the Great Debate)

The correct answer is: Clockwise – normal, healthy

BUT are so many exceptions to the rule, it can be difficult to know what “healthy” really looks like. Here is a partial listing of some conditions in which one or more of the chakras will be spinning in reverse:

  – Puberty
  – Menopause
  – Menstruation
  – Amenorrhea 
  – Deep spirituality
  – Grief
  – Serious illness
  – Injury
  – Some herbs
  – Some medicines
  – High stress (positive or negative)
  – Pregnancy

So in practical terms, I advise my students that as long as the chakra spinning it is fine. 

Black versus Red Chakra  

Which of these images is correct, A, B, or C?

The red dot is placed at the pubic bone and the black dot is placed at the ankle. When the man stands up, the black dot should carry down to his ankles and the red dot should stay at the pubic bone.
This becomes extremely important when we realize that the red dot is the base chakra – responsible for all our survival instincts whereas the black dot becomes the root chakra – responsible for detoxification.

A and C are both correct.  

This becomes extremely important when we realize that the red dot is the base chakra – responsible for all our survival instincts whereas the black dot becomes the root chakra – responsible for detoxification.
Color Confusion 4th Chakra

Is the fourth chakra green or pink?  

In many charts the fourth chakra is presented as both pink and green. How can this be – how can the chakra be pink and green at the same time? The answer to this question is as follows:

A small chakra, named the upper thymus also exists – usually hiding behind the heart. The color of this chakra is pink.
The normal, always present and highly visible, 4th chakra (also known as the heart or the bridge chakra) is green.

You will notice that I refer to the green chakra as the bridge chakra – not the fourth chakra, and not the heart chakra. The bridge chakra more perfectly describes the function and purpose of the 4th chakra.

Chakras 1 to 3 are all about us, our survival instincts, our basic needs, our wants, and our personal power. Whereas chakras number five and up deal with the things that are “not us” – our communication with the outside world and our communication with the divine. So the bridge chakra is literally filling the gap between heaven and earth.

Keeping these two color confusions (red or black / pink or green) in mind as you go to the chakra system will give you a greater understanding of how chakras function, and how they appear when functioning properly / dysfunctionally.

Children – Age of Resonance

We have been discussing the chakras from an adult point of view. We are born with all our chakras – however, some of them lie dormant for a number of years.   They activate at specific ages – called “resonance” and referenced in the chart below. This is something of which you need to be cognizant if you are working with children / teens.

#1 BASE :  Womb – 6 month
#2 SACRAL:  6 months –2.5 years
#3 SOLAR PLEXUS:  2.5 – 4.5 years
#4 HEART:  4.5—6.5 years
#5 THROAT:  6.5 – 8.5 years
#6 THIRD EYE:  8.5 - 14 years
#7 CROWN:  14 – 21 years


Animals also have chakras. Reptiles have three chakras. Higher order animals, such as mammals, have seven, following the same basic pattern as human chakras.

The Ascension Chakra System

If you work with energy, this is information you NEED to know.

Ascension is the process whereby your auric structure changes/evolves from one that supports your 3D earth body (your “meat suit”) to a structure that can support your new 5D Light body. Our 3-D physical body changes to a 5D Lightbody.

This is a process – it doesn’t happen in a day.

Understanding it can help explain changes happening in your own body. It will also explain new things or “odd” things you may be picking up in body scans. If you don’t know about the 4D & 5D chakras, you might be trying to “fix something” that’s not broken. Or, you may misinterpret your client’s body scan.
As I briefly introduce you to evolving chakras, keep in mind a person can be entirely in one level, in a combination of levels or between levels.

Briefly, the planes that are involved are as follows:

The seven standard chakras that you know. They have held you on the 3D earthly plane. They developed the connection with earth and the physical body.

Going “up a notch” we encounter the four D chakra system. These chakras connect us on a personal and cosmic level. These are your spiritual chakras which assist you in connecting with your higher self, the universe , the divine will of God, ascended masters and other galactic beings of light. 4D is a combination of earth & light planes.

We begin to realize our 5D chakra system. This is also known as the Ascension Chakra System. It is comprised of pure light.

Overall, when complete / fully realized, this is what we are aiming to achieve:

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